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La Manufactura Papelera

A new tango place in San Telmo

Bolivar 1582   -   Capital Federal

Classes at La Manufactura Papelera

The Place

Mystical San Telmo

With a sustained revaluation of its cultural and architectural richness, San Telmo ever lasts as a historical neighborhood attracting thounsands of visitors from around the world. Its life, full of bohemia and history, provides the unique identity belonging to the artistic and cultural meeting point in Buenos Aires.

In this exclusive and aristocratic neighborhood born in the early twenties, at the very same place chosen by Juan de Garay for Buenos Aires birthplace, the building of La Manufactura Papelera stands out transmitting both roughness and sensitivity. Its location is today in a most strategic place, being a few blocks away from the national historic center and close to highways which guarantee the best access.

The building

It’s hard to understand why this remarkable ancient building has been abandoned for almost a century. Essential features which have been respectfully restored are conserved intact, making out of it a unique place  in this city which was proposed by the state authorities to become part of the urban heritage of Buenos Aires. The tough personality that escapes from conventionalism strongly expresses the splendor of that time with documentary value. The original and top-quality construction shows the architectural pureness of the early 20th century, enhanced by the charming combination of brick alcoves with metallic beams, and ancient forged iron

columns that show the elegance of the past and makes its history available for the new generations.

The rooms

The exceptionally arranged two floored 1600 square meters, hosting a discrete charm and traditional elegance that evokes the early 20th century glamour and splendor, allows wide versatility. Technology and facilities, are combined with high quality service to guarantee the successful performance of our event.

The art gallery

Art states on its own the rules through  which the rhythm of time and silence flows, and finds

n this environment and adequate gallery to build communications bonds for improved, relaxed and richer value reception.

The columns room

Here is where our  Opening  will take place. Warm wooden floors and large spaces within a quiet and comfortable surrounding make it ideal.


La Manufactura Papelera also includes: security desk, permanent security guards, video monitoring cameras, fire control systems, central heating and air conditioning, audio and sound system, scenographic lighting, dressing rooms, etc.

Revised: 2009-08-16 .

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